About Us

Prime Financial Partners is a planned investment and financial advisory company based in Tokyo, Japan.

We are fully independent and eschew the commission based model our competitors depend upon in favor of a transparent fixed fee system. This means that rather than being incentivized to sell certain products, or advisors are incentivized by growth of the client's fund over the full term

At Prime Financial Partners we provide the traditional services of a financial advisor and we act as a broker for trading bonds, stocks and currencies, but we are not tied to the past. In the changeable modern financial environment flexibility is vital and in order to offer the enhanced level of return many of our clients are seeking we also offer alternative investments. These often consist of investments or products based in emerging markets where growth is projected at levels that can underpin your financial future for years to come.

The transparency and honesty that our clients’ value is a direct by-product of our independence. As we are lacking any conflict of interest we are able to be fully transparent. This streamlines our interactions with other professionals our clients use for matters such as tax efficiency planning, succession efficiency planning and charitable giving.

Investment Services

  • Full Brokerage facilities
  • All major currencies
  • Wealth management
  • Alternative investments

Advisory Services

  • In house research
  • Tax efficiency overview
  • Family and succession planning
  • From a single trade to three hundred and sixty degree wealth management advice
  • Trust, charity, company formation