Our Business

The levels of capital growth that Prime Financial Partners has been able to achieve for its clients since its inception has seen us cement our reputation as the reliable and diligent independent operator in the marketplace.

It is both the quality of advice, and the streamlined logistics and the action of such advice without delay, complication or compromise, which has seen us continue to expand. This has enabled us to invest in our in-house research team, increasing our advantage.


Prime Financial Partners Guidepath

Financial advice is often simply a salesman convincing clients to buy products which it is in his greatest interests to sell in quantity. Generally the salesman covers a particular part of the market, for example a lot of businesses calling themselves financial advisors are keyed into a great number of products in personal finance, including investments based on stocks or bonds, but know absolutely nothing about the intricacies of investment.

Other advisors or consultants are specialists in investment, and understand the benefits and risks of that product, but they have absolutely no overview of your financial position and the tax efficiencies available if you structured your portfolio effectively. Prime Financial Partners Guidepath gives you the benefit of a personal financial advisor who will become fully up to speed on your specific requirements, while at the same time providing investment advice backed by in-house research that is world class.

The fact that these are not separate entities, but one cohesive business with a clear oversight is what makes Prime Financial Partners Guidepath so effective in achieving market leading growth for our clients.

Prime Financial Partners Invest Plus

Due to its synergy with the personal financial advice facet of the business, Prime Financial Partners’ actionable trades department functions as a great deal more than a straightforward brokerage. Truly coherent wealth and asset management emerges from a position where the inherent potentials for efficiencies within the personal position is understood within a global context and integrated with the efficiencies that can be built into structured portfolios.

With senior specialists heading up the wealth and asset management, private equity, and alternative investment departments all based in the same office, the logistics of integrating all aspects of a specific client's needs flows naturally.