Consultancy Service

Prime Financial Partners offer our clients’ tactical and planning advice through our strategic consultancy unit. Key senior staff provide their expertise on challenges faced by public and private companies through a broad range of market sectors globally. We have built a reputation as a reliable source of guidance and oversight, and we are highly respected for the efficiencies we are able to create in highly complex transactions.

As an entirely independent company, our focus wholly client-centric, providing the best advice possible, which on occasion is not to pursue a particular course or strategy as opposed to how to.

Mergers & Acquisitions
The guidance we provide to companies in the process of acquiring another firm or significant operational assets includes application of forensic accountancy, and outsourced streamlining of human resources. We may also provide financing, structural advice on a deal and assistance in negotiations.

Capital Markets
Prime Financial Partners, being an independent advisor having a broad range of expertise to draw upon, provides actionable advice to our clients regarding raising finance, whether through private placement or leveraged debt. Prime Financial Partners also provides logistical guidance to companies arranging to raise capital through an initial public offering.

We provide guidance to clients that are planning to divest operational assets, departments, or even their complete business. We evaluate the business and the market it resides within and evaluate how the sale should be structured for the greatest return, or if there are departments that can be hived off as viable businesses. Sometimes we are able to bring in a management investment team that are able to avoid large areas of the business ceasing operations. Sometimes it is purely a matter of asset disposal.

Restructuring Advice & Financing
Prime Financial Partners provides independent and objective advice on corporate restructuring to stakeholders and companies. We have a prized reputation for providing innovative and effective solutions, often through a management team that can provide a structured investment, which allows inherent value to be unlocked and brings positive consensus to disenchanted stakeholders.

Institutional Advice
Prime Financial Partners provides our institutional clients with industry leading research and cost effective trading services. Our institutional services are built on our in-house research and trading platform which helps identify and analyze situations which assists our team to to capitalize on opportunities within the market. Our institutional team provides invaluable insight to our clients, including those looking to raise funds through a public or private offering.

Our institutional research services are driven by the wide-ranging knowledge and capabilities of our research team, which provides clients with profound, unbiased analysis of companies, securities and market sectors. Prime Financial Partners’ research analysts provide unequaled insights by combining fundamental, technical and financial analysis with a wider view of the economic and political situation. This research is the foundation upon which our institutional clients to make their investment decisions.

Prime Financial Partners employs a team of trading specialists, who are focused on providing for their client’s specific needs.  Our trading specialists work in unison with our research team to deliver perceptive and actionable investment options to our clients. As with every area of Prime Financial Partners’ operations, our trading-team is unrestrained from any possible conflicts of interests as we only engage in transactions on behalf of our clients. Our traders place our client’s interests first, and execute trades with the highest levels of objectively and efficiently.