Investment Services

Prime Financial Partners’ broad operation in effect handles four main areas of business. They are not run as separate departments as the areas of expertise and personnel cross over, but they are separate areas of service that our clients require. Each has a director who takes ultimate responsibility for performance, and in each case they are an expert in their field, ensuring that every client is getting the personalized service we pride ourselves on, and that the results we are achieving for them fall within the margin acceptable relative to their risk to budget profile

Wealth Management
Prime Financial Partners’ wealth management service utilizes all of the facilities and expertise available in the office to the service of individuals and families whose assets and capital are such that investment, asset structuring, trust or company formation, and other forms of tax efficiency planning are the order of the day. Our advisors are highly skilled in tailoring this service to the specific client's circumstances

Private Equity
Prime Financial Partners’ private equity service conducts all the necessary research and analysis, assists in the structuring or re-structuring of, and invests in companies in a specific range of markets and localities identified by our in-house team. These opportunities are under constant review, but this has been identified as a key tactic for security in a volatile marketplace. As these funds see returns derived from operating performance in specific sectors that follow a different trajectory to traditional market volatility based on confidence, they provide a significant buffer to risk. The successful application of strategies such as this are what enables us to deliver consistent market-beating returns

Asset Management
Prime Financial Partners’ Asset management service manages funds on behalf of a broad range of clients, and performs very varied range activities in order to meet their clients’ needs. Put simply, all the resources available within the company are put towards achieving a specific target for your fund, based on a detailed profile of your requirements. Our Clients are able to relax knowing their capital is performing according to clearly set margins of growth, and to their specifications. For example, it is straightforward for us to tailor a portfolio to invest significantly in sustainable energy, or to have zero exposure to alcohol companies.

Alternative Investments
Prime Financial Partners’ Alternative investments service is a growing part of our business which has evolved naturally from our research department's unwavering search for the best opportunities for our clients' capital. Sectors are generally either in emerging technologies or emerging markets. Our clients often specify a portion of their funds to this class when meeting the specifications of their risk to budget profile.