Privacy & Security

Prime Financial Partners’ privacy policy provides procedures and guidelines governing the use storage and disclosure of the private information provided to us by our clients. The integrity and robustness of these procedures is of the utmost importance to Prime Financial Partners.

It is an inevitable consequence of conducting our business that we collect a certain amount of private and sensitive information about our clients. This takes place when:

  • A client conducts their initial registration with Prime Financial Partners and completes their client profile and registration documents
  • Transactions are applied to a client's account that require confirmation of authority
  • Customer service calls which require confirmation of authority are logged.

Prime Financial Partners shares client's information with third party organizations where necessary during the course of managing our clients’ portfolios and in the manner proscribed and detailed during registration. We will not share Client information with any other third party, unless compelled to do so under statute.

Should a current or former client request that their information be shared with a third party, such instructions will require written authorization complete with the witnessed signature of the client or former client.

Prime Financial Partners’ safeguarding procedures protects client’s information by limiting access to authorized administrators, storing metadata around every access, and watermarking of files.

All of Prime Financial Partners’ staff attend data integrity training, and are required to complete a review of our privacy policy every 12 months.