Our Values

At Prime Financial Partners, our fundamental aim is to assist our clients in every aspect of achieving their financial goals. This is a pro-active approach, as we are constantly seeking to identify new opportunities through our in-house research team. Our senior advisors personally guide our clients throughout the process of devising and applying investment strategies and creating a structured portfolio which best serves their specific needs. We pride ourselves in the highly motivated, committed and trustworthy nature of our staff, which is a reflection of our office culture. This is based on our core values:


It is to the disgrace of the financial sector that so few businesses exist that are truly free of commercial conflicts that impact upon their ability to offer their clients the best possible range of investments. This generally arises either from their reliance on commission-based products or from them being tied to particular institutions. Free of such conflicts, and with access to world class research and in-house experts in their field, our advisors are able to open up a world of possibilities for our clients, and the flexibility to maintain market beating growth year-on-year.


There is a reason so much jargon is used in the trading world. It is because a barrier must be created between insider and outsider, the client needs to be kept somewhat in the dark. This was necessary because there was generally more than one interest being served at the point of trade, with the client being kept unaware that their own interests weren't solely being served. At Prime Financial Partners we have found that our independence has fostered an entirely different relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves on the clear communication, mutual understanding and trust that we develop with our clients.


Excellence is a state of mind, one of not accepting anything but the best outcome that can be achieved under the circumstances. That state of mind is fostered by the environment, the office culture that it exists within. Excellence is routine at Prime Financial Partners, but we do not let the routine foster complacency. We understand that maintaining excellent service means maintaining standards of due diligence and awareness that the only constant is change. Dynamic management means we embrace the changeable nature of the office environment and the marketplace, and constantly seek to use change to our advantage.


At Prime Financial Partners we continue to consistently deliver market beating levels of growth for our clients. This track record is a reflection of the expertise of our staff and the streamlined way in which they interact, which itself is a mark of experienced management. Our office structure means senior specialists oversee all key planning, and our research data is always reviewed at senior level before being fed in. The loyalty of our staff and therefore our employee retention rate is a matter of pride.